Finding the right Bed Frame in Brisbane

What are bed frames? A lot of consumers come across this word and are perplexed as to what exactly it means. Surely it has got something to do with beds but which part of the bed? What part of the bed is called a bed frame? And do we find Bed Frame in Brisbane quite easily?

Getting a fair knowledge of Furniture in Brisbane is important because when we go shopping for furniture completely unaware, it could work against us. The next thing we know is that low quality yet expensive and good-for-nothing furniture is lying in your living room and you are extremely sad about it. Here in this blog, we shall find how to find the best frames:

Bed frames are also called bedsteads. It is the base or the support on which mattresses are placed. Quality and the comfort the bed offers have a lot to do with bed frames. Without sturdy bed support, expecting a long-lasting bed is not a wise expectation at all. Get the Bed Frame in Brisbane right and see how things turn in your favour in the long run. Beds have come into human civilization long ago and from those times it is under constant modification. Wooden frames must have come about a thousand years before. At that time it used to be heavy and almost immobile. In the olden days, bed frames were stuffed with other materials like straws, feathers, cotton, grasses and so on. This formed a comforting base and protection against cold as well. Over time, with smart phones, the bed frames also got smarter and now we have sturdy high-quality bed frames that are concise compact and quite easy to handle and transport from one place to another.

There are different types of Bed Frame Brisbane. Here is the list:

Since beds have been modernized over time and a lot of additions and subtractions have been made, the materials used to make Bed Frame in Brisbane also have changed. Here we shall check out all the different kinds of materials that are used in making bed frames:


The earliest beds were in wood and the best of the latest beds are also made in wood. You see, timber is the Queen when it comes to furniture. If you are looking for high-quality beds with strong long-lasting bed frames then go for wood. When we talk about wood, there are a thousand species of timber available. You may choose to go for exotic imported ones or you can pick from timbers that are locally cut and processed. No matter what you choose, timber woods are going to farewell. If you are looking to get an heirloom type bed crafted for your family then using wood is the best suggestion.

Particle Boards

Particleboards are pressed wood boards and are quite suitable for Bed frame in Brisbane. Wood scraps are glued together and made into strong durable boards. Most of the particleboards are covered with vinyl. This gives it a fine finish and adds to its wood-like appearance. Particleboards are widely used. This is because it can easily mimic wood and is quite strong to be made into bed frames.

Note: If the sturdiness of pure wood and particle boards is compared, wood is the clear winner.


When we talk about metal bed frames then stainless steel and brass are the two metals commonly used in making bed frames. Metals offer longevity. Often metals are used as a foundation along with other materials to add strength. However, metal-only bed frames are also available, widely. Choose the most suitable Bed Frame in Brisbane from reliable sellers.

Faux Leather

As décor is getting modernized and innovative, faux leather is increasingly used on footboards, sideboards and headboards. It is evident faux leather and fabrics cannot be used alone. Faux leather has to be combined with metal or wood or particleboard to provide a strong base for the entire bed.

Let us choose a Bed Frame for You

Mattress Size

Unless you have an adjustable bed frame, mattress size is an important factor to consider while selecting bed frames. The size of the bed frame is important. It should ideally be influenced by the number of people who would use the bed and the sleeping style of those people. Also, if you have a pet that sleeps with you then you need a larger bed frame. Bed Frames for Queen beds will differ from bed frames for king beds. So, choose accordingly. If you live alone go for single beds. You may also go for a bunk bed if you live with a roommate and there is no space for two beds.


If you are looking to store stuff inside the bed then the Bed Frame in Brisbane for you will be different. For the type of beds where nothing is stored, a different kind of bed frame is needed. Your storage need will become a determining factor here.


As consumers, this is so important. It is budget that influences our decision of the type of bed we finally buy. If you have a higher budget then you may go for a wooden king size bed. In case you have a lower budget, picking up metal one could be a good option.

Personal Liking

What do you prefer personally? Your liking is most important and you should be doing what you love to do. If you are the only sleeper yet you like to sleep on a king-size bed then go ahead and get one. When it comes to home, we must fill it in with things we like.

Are you going to buy a book soon? Look up the best beds from A1 Furniture And Bedding. Beds are not a small investment. If you have saved up for it then make sure you make the best out of it. Choose the one that suits your need and is within your budget. We wish you the best of luck. May you fill your home with warmth, love and things that make you happy!